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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nulli Secondus – mssion 2010

A thesis for betterment:

Speaking from the podium, the present HM announced his talk with the former HM. The mission is to have the school counted (translated from terbilang) among the best school in the country. Excellent in all fields – education, sports and co curricula, not just the known academic stuff. When we say school we refer to the general interest and will of all concerned parties, the parents, teachers and students. I recalled this tagline Nulli Secondus grilled into me by the then HM Mr.Nik Yusof.

The talk

Clearing the air:

I still have the interest to keep it that way. Hamzah 1 was the best in the district. Though I went to Hamzah 1, now I have 4 kids schooling here. In years 6, 4,3 and 1. I certainly want them all to be an all-rounder as other parents like their kids to be too. Having said all that, I do acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices made by our mostly lady teachers, a major player towards achieving year in and year out, a position of third or so in Machang- Pasir Puteh district. For the last couple of years the school have produced some 30 or so students with straight A’s at UPSR. I am certain that other parents are glad and equally cheerful too.

Take off value ( ToV ) :

There was a lot of talk on ToV at the recent PTA meeting, which attempted to elaborate and designed a scheme for the year 6 students in order to prepare them for the UPSR results and for the school to come up with the maximum numbers of students with straight A’s. These meetings have been like a ritual to the school. According to the PK1 the number of students with all A’s at year 5 entering into year 6 have been constantly around 4 or 5. Thus the ToV have been 4 or 5. I would like to draw this example That’s basically the quality cargo on the plane. As the plane took off into air, more drastic efforts is undertaken to ensure the cargo complies to the required quality. With all that put in place. The end product is normally approximately 30 straight A’s.

Tea after the talk

Comfort Zones :

We are getting similar result over several years. Are not putting efforts to improve? Starting with a ToV of 4 we managed to get around 7 or 8 times that figure at the end of the year. Are we in a comfort zone and very happy with keeping a position of third place in this district. Do we only put on that extra efforts in year 6, year after year? Have the same results with the same efforts. How can we change or improvise to make more straight A’s achiever? The method used so far only succeeded in producing that optimum numbers of straight A’s. If we want more A’s we have to improvised!

Interpreting the ToV database :

From the interpretation the ToV database , we can see that their numbers at the end of the day that make the total numbers of straights. We need to increase by 5 or 6 students per year with 5A’s ToV. This will make their total to 10, if the multiplier is 5, at the end of the day the number of students getting all A’s will be around 50 students. Thus for the UPSR year 2008 there are 50 straight A’s.

Needed a change :

We need to do these by targeting 5 students increment yearly. That may sound easy but certainly not simple. The emphasis will be all teachers at all level from standard 1 to 5 to play the active role. We need some changes by improvising the system to start early and have more ToV at the onset of the students’ UPSR.

Wanting a different result :

If we keep doing the same thing we will not get a different result, we will get the same result. The new HM name all the classes based on the name of planets. Perhaps I may draw his attention here about the man who derived the mathematical formula E=MC2, he said many things on many aspects of life.

This sentence here is particularly relevant to us. “Madness is doing the same thing to get a different result.” We have to review and accordingly improved what have been done in the past.

Target Starting 2007 :

I would proposed that the school start making a target for the annual increment of the number. Some sort for a five year planned. Monitor and fire-fight by early next year.

The way ahead – Parents involvement & monitoring :

After the plans are made. The parents would be informed of the plans during the PTA (PIBG) Meeting. On top of that annually at least once a year say the early third quarter the parent are called to an open day, where they will be presented with their child report card. Here the teacher have the opportunity to highlight about the child like discipline problem, too playful in class and other behavioral traits other than be precise in the child problem like weak in Mathematics particularly fractions and decimals system.

This would allow the parent to take special attention to address those perceived weakness.

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