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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wristband to alert sun over-exposure

Tue, 07 Apr 2009 17:31:30 GMT | PressTV

The increased rate of skin cancer among sunbathers prompts scientists to create a wristband to warn user against maximum sun exposure.

Excessive sun exposure is reported as the main trigger for DNA changes leading to melanoma, the most malignant type of skin cancer in 70 percent of sufferers.

The new bracelet-style product, which will enter the market in the upcoming months, turns pink when the sunbather is in danger of getting a sunburn.

The chemicals inside the band react to UV rays, changing in color from yellow to pink. Scientists believe the UV-driven reaction with the dye in the band acts as an "intelligent ink".

The band also notifies the user when it is necessary to reapply sunscreen. Like the skin, this band absorbs sunscreen and gradually turns brown when it is time to reapply sunscreen.

BRAF gene mutation has been recently identified as the first event in the cascade of genetic changes leading to melanoma.

Researchers are optimistic that by identifying the gene responsible for this cancer they can lower the incidence of sun over-exposure and in turn lower the rate of skin cancer and its complications.

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